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IT Governance

IT Governance is truly SRE's niche service offering. We integrate industry best practice, Standards and Frameworks, and International Standards to assure your business operates in the most efficient, service oriented manner possible. Using Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL®) framework and Project Management best practice as the foundation for our services, coupled with Six-Sigma, CoBIT, ISO27001 and ISO/IEC 20000, SRE is able to address all of your IT Governance needs.

The first priority in IT Governance is to assure alignment of services with organizational goals and objectives. This priority is accomplished through the implementation of IT Service Management processes. IT Service management is a close looped system that continually provides feedback for process and service improvement.

Service Management is about the customer, whether internal or external, and is about meeting the needs and requirements of the organization. IT should not operate in a vacuum but should be part of the business strategy and be involved in every project from the start. It is imperative that the IT department understand the business strategy, needs and objectives in order to help design effective processes. It is equally important for the business to understand the principles of IT Service Management and how following the process and involving all stakeholders early on can reduce time to market, risk related costs, and assure effective service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Implementing IT Governance based on best practice and proven methodologies will advance the quality and levels of service you provide within your organization and to your external customers. SRE recognizes the unique needs of every organization and helps design processes and metrics that will ensure Continual Service Improvement throughout the lifecycle of a service.

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